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A Letter from the Bishops of WA State on the Face of Poverty

Our U.S. Bishops encourage us to take action on the issue of immigration.
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Fr. Todd’s Homily

5th Sunday of Easter (Mothers; May 14, 2017)

Liturgical Year 2016-2017:
4th Sunday of Easter (Jesus, The Shepherd and The Way; May 7, 2017)
3rd Sunday of Easter (Taken, Blessed, Broken, and Given; April 30, 2017)
2nd Sunday of Easter (Doubting Faith; April 23, 2017)
Easter Sunday (Re-ignite the Fire; April 16, 2017)
Palm Sunday (Jesus’ Passion; April 9, 2017)
5th Sunday of Lent (Raising Lazarus; April 2, 2017)
3rd Sunday of Lent (Jesus and the Woman at the Well; March 19, 2017)
2nd Sunday of Lent (Transfiguration and the Cross; March 12, 2017)
1st Sunday of Lent (The Sabbath Rest; March 5, 2017)
8th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Katharine Drexel—You Cannot Serve God and Mammon; February 26, 2017)
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Anger That Kills; February 12, 2017)
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Salt of the Earth; February 5, 2017)
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Catholic Schools; January 29, 2017)
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (One in Christ Jesus; January 22, 2017)

The Nativity of the Lord (The Gift You Always Wanted, Never Got; December 25, 2016)
4th Sunday of Advent (Save Us From Our Sins; December 18, 2016)
3rd Sunday of Advent (Mary’s Womb…Where Hope Resides; December 11, 2016)
2nd Sunday of Advent (Repent…Make Straight the Way; December 4, 2016)
1st Sunday of Advent (Preparing in Advent; November 27, 2016) 

 Liturgical Year 2015-2016:
Thanksgiving Day (Thankful and Giving; November 24, 2016)
33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Destroy this Temple; November 13, 2016)
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Resurrection, Not Immortality; November 6, 2016)
31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (A Balanced Christian Life; October 30, 2016)
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Respect Life; October 9, 2016)
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Unprofitable Servants; October 2, 2016)
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Lazarus and the Rich Man; September 25, 2016)
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Peter Claver Aethiopum Servus; September 11, 2016)
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mother Teresa; September 4, 2016)
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (Are You Saved; August 21, 2016)
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Faith; August 7, 2016)
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Let Us Ask the Father, Expanding Our Hearts; July 24, 2016)
15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (If Only You Would Heed the Voice of the Lord; July 10, 2016)
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Deacon Chad S. Green: Rejoice—Even In a Rubbled-over Heart; July 3, 2016)
11th Sunday in Ordinary Time (The Lord Has Forgiven Your Sin; June 12, 2016)
10th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Consolation in the Sacred Heart of Jesus; June 5, 2016)
Solemnity of Corpus Christi (The Miracle of Bosena; May 29, 2016)
Solemnity of the Pentecost (The Spirit—Promptings from Within; May 15, 2016)
Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord (Motherhood, Womanhood; May 8, 2016)
6th Sunday of Easter (Mother Church; May 1, 2016)
5th Sunday of Easter (ACA-I Make All Things New; April 24, 2016)
3rd Sunday of Easter (Do You Love Me, Peter?; April 10, 2016)
2nd Sunday of Easter (Works of Mercy; April 3, 2016)
Palm Sunday of the Passion of Our Lord (Suffering, Yet a Servant; March 20, 2016)
5th Sunday of Lent (CRS-Water for the Thirsty Ground; March 13, 2016)
3rd Sunday of Lent (The Gospel of the Last Chance; February 28, 2016)
5th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Mass-A Vision of Heaven; February 7, 2016)
4th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Catholic Schools Week-Our Parish School; January 31, 2016)
3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Fulfilled in Your Hearing; January 24, 2016)
Epiphany of the Lord (Come, Let Us Adore Him; January 3, 2016)
Feast of the Holy Family (Families, The Building Block of Society; December 27, 2015)
4th Sunday of Advent (Let Us Ponder What We Await; December 20, 2015)
2nd Sunday of Advent (Look to the East; December 6, 2015)
1st Sunday of Advent (Jesus, Coming at the End of Times; November 29, 2015)

Liturgical Year 2014-2015:
Solemnity of Christ the King (Citizens of Another Kingdom; November 22, 2015)
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Sacrificial Giving; November 8, 2015)
Solemnity of All Saints (We, the Church Militant; November 1, 2015)
30th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Habit of Daily Prayer; October 11, 2015)
28th Sunday of Ordinary Time (To Inherit Eternal Life; October 11, 2015)
27th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Respect Life-Roseburg, OR; October 4, 2015)
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Bear Your Cross; September 13, 2015)
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Why Serve the Poor; September 6, 2015)
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (Husbands, Be Jesus for Your Wives; August 23, 2015)
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time (No New Life Without Dying; August 16, 2015)
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Small-Faith Communities; August 9, 2015)
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Parish Picnic—Christian Community; August 2, 2015)
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (The Argument for Traditional Marriage; July 19, 2015)
15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (God’s Place in our Lives; July 12, 2015)
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Preaching the Kingdom of God; July 5, 2015)
Solemnity of Corpus Christi (The Body of Christ; June 7, 2015)
Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity (Trinity, Life-giving Love; May 31, 2015)
Solemnity of the Pentecost (The Church’s Birthday, Our Rebirth; May 24, 2015)
Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord (First Holy Communion; May 17, 2015)
6th Sunday of Easter (A Mother’s Love; May 10, 2015)
5th Sunday of Easter (Branches on the Vine-ACA; May 3, 2015)
2nd Sunday of Easter (Mercy, God’s Greatest Attribute; April 12, 2015)
Easter Sunday (The Resurrection of the Lord; April 5, 2015)
Palm Sunday (The Abandonment of Jesus; March 29, 2015)
4th Sunday of Lent (God So Loved the World; March 15, 2015)
3rd Sunday of Lent (Anger—Righteous or Sinful; March 8, 2015)
2nd Sunday of Lent (The Binding of Isaac; March 1, 2015)
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Be Made Clean; February 15, 2015)
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (God’s Presence, Through It All; February 8, 2015)
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Authority Over our Lives; February 1, 2015)
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Love Your Enemies; January 25, 2015)
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Glorify God in Your Body; January 18, 2015)
The Epiphany of the Lord (Reverence for a King; January 4, 2015)
Feast of the Holy Family (Becoming Holier Families; December 28, 2014)
4th Sunday of Advent (An Invitation from God; December 21, 2014)
3rd Sunday of Advent (Cultivating Joy; December 14, 2014)
1st Sunday of Advent (Come, O Savior; November 30, 2014)