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Sacrament of Marriage

Marriage Preparation and Enrichment

As Catholics, we believe that marriage is much more than a mere civil contract – it is a sacrament that allows the couple to live in love as a positive example, sharing in the unity and fruitfulness between Christ and the Church. The marriage covenant offers a special opportunity for husband and wife to grow in holiness and love, while actively participating in the generation and education of children.

And because Catholic Marriage is a sacrament, this infers that it is a covenant that involves all members of the Body of Christ. It is an act that affects the entire community, and so it is not a stand-alone act of the couple alone. Therefore if you wish to marry, it is necessary that you are registered at our parish for at least three months prior to beginning the steps of marriage preparation.  This diocese requires a minimum of a six-month preparation period to help ensure a life-long and life-giving marriage. To avoid possible disappointment, please do not set a wedding date or make other arrangements before contacting the parish to confirm availability and requirements.

For more information please contact: Jill Foglesong at (425) 392-5516 x.228

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Annulment of a Prior Marriage or Non-Traditional Marriage Issues

If either member of a couple seeking a Catholic wedding has been married before and the spouse is not deceased, an official church declaration of “freedom to marry” (annulment) must be received before a wedding date can be set.

Currently wed Catholics not married in the Church, may seek a blessing of an existing marriage (CONVALIDATION). Because of the variety of unique circumstances, a personal interview with either of the following is the best way to answer your questions and determine a course of action.

For more information please contact:

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