Current Homily:

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Jesus' Brothers...Blaspheming Against the Holy Spirit; June 10, 2018)


Liturgical Year 2017-2018:
Solemnity of Corpus Christi (Do We Believe...Do We Care; June 3, 2018)
Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity (The Mystery Within the Human Person; May 27, 2018)
Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord (First Holy Communion; May 12 & 13, 2018)
Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord (Discern Your Call For This Week; May 13, 2018)
6th Sunday of Easter (Christian Love; May 6, 2018)
4th Sunday of Easter (Shepherd and Sheep; April 22, 2018)
2nd Sunday of Easter (Jesus Bringing Peace, Reconciling; April 8, 2018)
Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion (Hosanna...Crucify Him; March 25, 2018)
5th Sunday of Lent (Jesus A Sign of Contradiction; March 18, 2018)
4th Sunday of Lent (Appeal For a New Roof; March 11, 2018)
3rd Sunday of Lent (Rebuild the Temple, A Call to Reform; March 4, 2018)
2nd Sunday of Lent (The Trust of Abraham; February 25, 2018)
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (The Mass Is Not Boring; February 11, 2018)
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Being Present to Suffering; February 4, 2018)
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Prayer For Christian Unity; January 21, 2018)
Epiphany of the Lord (Tell The Nations What God Has Done; January 7, 2018)
Nativity of the Lord (Jesus Save Us From Our Sins; December 25, 2017)
4th Sunday of Advent (The Angelus; December 24, 2017)
3rd Sunday of Advent (Gaudete in Domino! Rejoice!; December 17, 2017)
2nd Sunday of Advent (Prepare Your Heart For The Newborn King; December 10, 2017)
1st Sunday of Advent (Be Ready to Go Home; December 2, 2017)

Liturgical Year 2016-2017:
Solemnity of Christ The King (The Mass—Praying That Thy Kingdom Come; Nov 26, 2017)
33nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Use What God Has Entrusted; Nov 19, 2017)
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Stay Awake; Nov 12, 2017)
31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (Whoever Humbles Himself…; Nov 5, 2017)
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (The Greatest Commandment; Oct 29, 2017)
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Repay To Caesar…; Oct 22, 2017)
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (The Wedding Garment; Oct 15, 2017)
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Have No Anxiety; Oct 8, 2017)
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (The Value of the Human Person; Oct 1, 2017)
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Religious Vocations; Sept 10, 2017)
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Love In Truth; Sept 3, 2017)
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church; Aug 27, 2017)
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Advocating to Jesus for Our Children; Aug 20, 2017)
Feast of the Transfiguration (Unite Our Hearts to God; Aug 6, 2017)
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (The Wheat and the Weeds; July 23, 2017)
15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Letting God’s Word Take Root; July 16, 2017)
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (The Habit of Prayer; July 9, 2017)
12th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Fear, Perfect Love; June 25, 2017)
Solemnity of Corpus Christi (Personal Relationship with the Lord; June 18, 2017)
Solemnity of the Holy Trinity (Imaged in the Human Person; June 11, 2017)
Solemnity of the Pentecost (Manifest the Fruits of the Spirit; June 4, 2017)
Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord (Forward, Then Upward; May 28, 2017)
5th Sunday of Easter (Mothers; May 14, 2017)
4th Sunday of Easter (Jesus, The Shepherd and The Way; May 7, 2017)
3rd Sunday of Easter (Taken, Blessed, Broken, and Given; April 30, 2017)
2nd Sunday of Easter (Doubting Faith; April 23, 2017)
Easter Sunday (Re-ignite the Fire; April 16, 2017)
Palm Sunday (Jesus’ Passion; April 9, 2017)
5th Sunday of Lent (Raising Lazarus; April 2, 2017)
3rd Sunday of Lent (Jesus and the Woman at the Well; March 19, 2017)
2nd Sunday of Lent (Transfiguration and the Cross; March 12, 2017)
1st Sunday of Lent (The Sabbath Rest; March 5, 2017)
8th Sunday in Ordinary Time (You Cannot Serve God and Mammon; Feb 26, 2017)
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Anger That Kills; Feb 12, 2017)
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Salt of the Earth; Feb 5, 2017)
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Catholic Schools; Jan 29, 2017)
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (One in Christ Jesus; Jan 22, 2017)
The Nativity of the Lord (The Gift You Always Wanted, Never Got; Dec 25, 2016)
4th Sunday of Advent (Save Us From Our Sins; Dec 18, 2016)
3rd Sunday of Advent (Mary’s Womb…Where Hope Resides; Dec 11, 2016)
2nd Sunday of Advent (Repent…Make Straight the Way; Dec 4, 2016)
1st Sunday of Advent (Preparing in Advent; Nov 27, 2016)