Available Position: Facilities Supervisor


The Parish of St. Joseph in Issaquah is looking for a Facility Supervisor for a 40-hour per week, benefited position.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: As part of St. Joseph Parish and School, this position includes the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Maintain the church, and school campuses. This includes sweeping, mopping, floor stripping and polishing, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, other basic janitorial duties and at times heavy lifting. 
  • Must have the ability to work on your own and with others, as you will be coordinating setup/cleanup of various parish sponsored events.
  • Provide direct supervision to the maintenance staff and volunteers.
  • Perform preventive maintenance to buildings and grounds to minimize plumbing, mechanical, electrical, heating and air conditioning system failures including minor maintenance duties as well.
  • Purchase supplies and equipment from vendors.
  • Represent the parish when dealing with outside contractors in all major maintenance, construction and renovation projects.
  • Assure upkeep for vehicles owned by the parish.
  • Be responsible for building and grounds security and safety, including opening and closing, winter de-icing and at times supervise parking. 
  • New hire will also demonstrate safe work practices through an awareness and observation in support of a safety culture, reporting potential hazards or accidents.

Minimum requirements: High school diploma or GED equivalent with supervisory experience in janitorial and routine maintenance of buildings and grounds. You must be able to pass/maintain a clean background check and be required to attend the Safe Environment classes offered by the Archdiocese of Seattle. Additionally, attend annual safety courses offered in regards to building maintenance and upkeep. Please submit application and cover letter to: office@sjcissaquah.org