Below is the latest communication regarding the action plan in response to our SJS Survey conducted in Fall 2018:

January 30, 2019

Dear St. Joseph Parish and School Families,

Task Force on Tuition/Teacher Compensation

In December, I told you that a task force was being formed to make recommendations regarding tuition levels for the next three years that include consideration of a teacher and staff compensation structure that can best attract and retain teachers, given the financial realities of the parish and school.  The Task Force is comprised of SJS parents, parishioners and parish office staff, and was formed for several reasons, including:

  • being responsive to the results of the October School survey emphasizing the desire to attract and retain quality teachers and also manage tuition costs; and

  • the need to provide clarity and predictability for teachers, staff and parents through the transition to new School leadership. 

I am pleased to say that after much work these past six weeks, the task force has prepared a recommendation which was further recommended by the Parish Finance Council. I have approved their recommendation.  The goal recommended by the Task Force is to compensate our teachers at a rate competitive with the “full compensation pay scales” of our local public school districts.  In reviewing these compensation pay scales, the Task Force has developed a competitive benchmark scale as a three year target for SJS teachers.  Closing the compensation gap with local schools is an important step to more effectively recruit and retain outstanding teachers.  The Task Force also recognizes the need to increase compensation for our School staff and has recommended the School staff receive pay increases each of the next three school years.  The plan created emphasizes that we value our teachers and staff. 

The Task Force worked to create a plan that keeps tuition increases in line with previous years and other local Catholic schools.  The details of the Task Force recommendation and the process employed are included in the attached report.  I would like to thank the members of the Task Force for their efforts and dedication to St. Joseph Parish School.

Rebuilding Trust – Communication, Transparency and Execution

As we proceed through this 25th Anniversary year and reflect on the successes of the past, we will continue to respond to the survey results. I ask you to consider the foundation we are re-tooling, including a three-year plan, which will be handed off to the new principal.  As a reminder, following are the steps taken this school year to provide clarity and predictability for teachers, staff and parents through the transition to new school leadership:

  • September –

    • Announced there would be a questionnaire asking for  input on key qualities you would like to see in the next principal and how you think St. Joseph School can improve in providing a strong Catholic education, and

    • Announced a principal search committee would be formed in January to begin the recruitment process and would utilize the survey results 

  • October – a survey was sent out to all School families and parishioners

  • December

    • Communicated to all School families and parishioners the Survey results

    • Requested that School Commission create a three-year plan responsive to the Survey

    • Formed a task force to prepare a recommendation on teacher compensation and tuition

    • Communicated to all School families and parishioners the results of an Archdiocese financial review of the School’s use of funds

    • Formed a principal search committee and communicated to all School families and parishioners an update on the new principal recruitment

  • January

    • The principal search committee communicated to School families that work had commenced

    • The Task Force completed its initial work

    • The Task Force Report has been distributed to all School and Parish families

Our Parish school is on a strong trajectory.  With a clear plan for teacher compensation and tuition for the next three years and the energy to build on our strengths, St. Joseph School will be an even stronger school and wonderful Catholic learning environment. 


I encourage you to join in celebrating this landmark year at our “Shine On 25th Anniversary Gala Auction.”  This will be a special celebration in our school’s history and I have already heard many alumni parents and parishioners will be attending along with our School families.

As I have said before, I am so grateful for the many talented and devoted men and women who support me in this work we share. I am also grateful for all the ways you continue to support our Parish school.

Yours in Christ,

Very Reverend Todd O. Strange
Pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church and School

Attached: SJS Task Force Report